Baklava (G, M, N*)


 Layers of filo pastries (3pcs) filled with nuts in honey syrup.

Kunefe (G, M, N*)


 Oven baked shredded wheat with honey syrup, pistachio nuts and unsalted cheese. (Please allow 10-15 min. of baking time) 

(Not available for party set menu)

  • (Please allow 10-15 min. of baking time)

Chocolate Fudge Cake (G, E, M, N*)


Served with ice cream

Passion Fruit and Mango Cheese Cake (Gluten Free)


Above desserts served with ice cream.

  • Gluten Free

Kid’s Ice Cream (M, N*)


Choice of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate.

Ice Cream choice of 3 scopes (M, N*)


Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate

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