Hot Starters

Mitite Kofte


A street food classic from Anatolia; chargrilled minced lamb patties worked with authentic Turkish spices and red bell pepper. A juicy & flavoursome kickstart to your journey. 

Chicken Liver (Ciger)


A succulent & spicy chicken liver dish tossed with authentic Turkish spices with fresh vine tomatoes and red onions, crowned with pomegranate molasses. A must-try! 

Sucuk Tava (Ce)


 Aged and cured medium spicy beef sausage, pan-cooked in flavourful homemade tomato sauce with bell peppers and tomatoes.



Spicy chicken wings, grilled over charcoal and served with a fiery homemade chilli sauce.

Humus Kavurma (N, Se)


 A middle eastern classic dip of creamy hummus, topped with pan-cooked chopped lamb, tossed in warm spices with pine kernel nuts. Perfect for scooping with fresh Turkish bread.

Calamari (G, F, Lu)


A reputable Mediterranean appetiser of marinated and deep-fried squid rings served with a balmy homemade tartar sauce. 

Lahmacun (G)


The talk of the town Turkish street food…
Thinly rolled fresh dough topped with ground lamb and Turkish spices, oven-cooked to a crispy finish. Eaten rolled or folded and stuffed with herbs and salad with a drop of lemon juice.
Simply delicious!

Soup of the Day


Please check with a staff member for daily special.

Falafel (V)


Deep-fried vegetable patties blended with chickpeas, cumin, bread crump, broad beans and authentic spices, served with creamy hummus.

  • Spicy

Halloumi (M, V)


A signature cheese delicacy from Cyprus! Chargrilled for extra tanginess and crowned with a fresh basil dressing.

Borek (V)


Spinach, feta cheese & parsley stuffed deep-fried crispy filo pastries, served with a zingy sweet chilli sauce. 

Mücver (G, E, M, V)


 An Ottoman tradition of deep-fried courgette, bread crump, egg, carrot and feta cheese patties served with a fresh garlic yoghurt sauce.

King Prawns (Ce, Cr, F)


Sautéed king prawns in oyster sauce, cooked with aromatic ginger& garlic, enriched with fresh tomatoes, spring onions and a touch of parsley.

Lamb Liver


Diced lamb liver coated with flour, pan fried with mixed spices; and served with red onion salad. 

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