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White Wines

Pamukkale Senfoni

Bottle £18.75 Glass (175ml) £5.25 Glass (250ml) £6.50

Narince / Chardonnay type Turkish Dry white wine from Denizli region with linden, citrus fruit flavours.

Ventiterre Pinot Grigio

Bottle £19.45 Glass (175ml) £5.95 Glass (250ml) £6.95

Pale yellow colour fruity with wisteria flowers, pear and peaches classic Italian. Elegant, with a fresh and crispy aftertaste.

Neil Joubert Chenin Blanc

Bottle £20.45

One of the best of Cape Town in South Africa. With lots of tropical fruit guava, granadilla and some citrus, hint of pineapple and some lemon. Refreshing finish.

Kavaklidere Cankaya Narince

Bottle £22.45

Dry white wine of Ankara region in Turkey. Elegant well balanced with rich fruit aromas.

Laroque Chardonnay

Bottle £23.45

Very nice kind of French Chardonnay from Southern region crispy, fruity with elegant personality.

Featherdrop Sauvignon Blanc

Bottle £26.45

Marlborough, New Zealand. With the flavours of lemon, lime, grapefruit and gooseberry.

Gavi di Gavi la Contessa, Italy

Bottle £34.00

A spectacular Gavi Di Gavi with fresh, zesty lemon notes and ripe peach flavours. It’s made with Cortese grapes, sourced from within the commune of Gavi when they’re perfectly ripe.

Sparkling Wines

Canti Italian Prosecco D.O.C. Brut.

Bottle £21.50 Bottle (200ml) £7.95 Glass(125ml) £5.95

Rose Canti Prosecco D.O.C.

Bottle £21.50 Bottle (200ml) £7.95 Glass(125ml) £5.95

Extra dry Italian Rose prosecco with floral and fruity fragrance


Bottle £34.00

Bollinger Champagne

Bottle £75.00

Red Wines

Pamukkale Senfoni

Bottle £18.75 Glass (175ml) £5.25 Glass (250ml) £6.50

Turkish dry red wine from Denizli region. Red and black fruits, spicy finish.

Ventiterre Montepulciano d’Abruzo

Bottle £19.45 Glass (175ml) £5.95 (250ml) £6.95

Italian classic. Smooth full-bodied wine with the taste of wild berries.

Runamok Shiraz, Australia

Bottle £20.45

Full taste of mulberry and plum fruit, smooth textured wine

Kavaklidere Yakut

Bottle £22.45

Bogazkere, Alicante and Carignan grapes carefully selected from Eastern and Aegean regions of Anatolia. Yakut is a distinctive red wine with its rich red fruit aromas very well balanced.

Poco Mas Merlot, Chile

Bottle £19.25

Blackberry and plum aromas with the spice of black pepper. Soft and fruity

Anfora Okuzgozu, Denizli Turkey

Bottle £23.95

Perfect mixture of black mulberry, cherry and raspberry flavours.

Chianti Vista Dei Cipressi

Bottle £24.45

A classic medium body red blend from Tuscany Italy; made with Sangiovese grapes, red cherries and light tannins.

Rose Wines

Pamukkale Senfoni Turkey

Bottle £18.75 Glass(175ml) £5.25 Glass (250ml) £6.50

Made with shiraz grapes, hint of cherry, banana and apple fruits; rich and fruity

Pinot Grigio Rose Blush

Bottle £22.95 Glass (175ml) £5.95 Glass (250ml) £7.45

Rose Italian Wine. Wine of Italy. The colour of this delicate “blush” wine comes from the
skins of the pink-tinged Pinot Grigio grapes. This is a fresh and crisp wine with a zesty
aroma and a fruity flavour with notes of ripe pear and peach.

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