Please advise a member of staff if you have any particular dietary requirements. Due to kitchen uses shared equipment, we cannot guarantee that any of our food or drink is completely free of any allergens. Please speak to a member of staff about allergens and intolerances before your choice. A discretionary 10% service charge will be added to your bill. Service charge is shared by all the staff.

Allergen Guide

Ce: Celery – G: Cereals Containing Gluten – Cr: Crustaceans – E: Eggs – F: Fish – Lu: Lupin – M: Milk – Mo: Mollusc – Mu: Mustard – N: Nuts – Pe: Peanuts – Se: Sesame Seeds – So: Soya – Su: Sulphur Dioxide

*: Optional Topping


Turkish Pide Bread & Olive Oil (V, G)


Soft and warm flat pide bread served with extra
virgin olive oil and pomegranate molasses dip.

Mantar (stuffed mushrooms) (V, M)


Flat mushrooms filled with Turkish kasar & blue
cheese, oven-baked with oregano garlic butter.

Mixed Olives (V)


Marinated green and black olives blended with fragrant
coriander seeds, chilli flakes and extra virgin olive oil.

Garlic Bread with Cheese (V, G, M)


Baked white roll slices scrubbed with garlic butter
and topped with Turkish kasar cheese.

Cold Starters

Hummus (V, Se)


A creamy purée of chickpeas, tahini, lemon, and garlic, topped generously with extra virgin olive oil. The hallmark mezze of the Middle East!

Cacık (M)


A creamy textured garlic yoghurt dip blended with fresh dill, mint, chopped cucumber, and olive oil.

Beetroot Salad (V)


Boiled beetroot accompanied with chopped pickled cornichons, yoghurt, dill, olive oil and kiss of garlic.

Sarma (Stuffed vine leaves) (V)


Slow-cooked vine leaves filled with rice and seasonal spices and strained Turkish yoghurt.

Shakshuka (V)


A mixture of fried aubergine and bell peppers cooked in a rich and fragrant tomato sauce.

Baba Ghanoush (V, M, Se)


A must-try silky textured smoked aubergine dip with tahini, fresh mint and dill, yoghurt, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.

Hot Starters

Mitite Kofte


A street food classic from Anatolia; chargrilled minced lamb patties worked with authentic Turkish spices and red bell pepper. A juicy & flavoursome kickstart to your journey. 

Chicken Liver (Ciger)


A succulent & spicy chicken liver dish tossed with authentic Turkish spices with fresh vine tomatoes and red onions, crowned with pomegranate molasses. A must-try! 

Sucuk Tava (Ce)


 Aged and cured medium spicy beef sausage, pan-cooked in flavourful homemade tomato sauce with bell peppers and tomatoes.



Spicy chicken wings, grilled over charcoal and served with a fiery homemade chilli sauce.

Humus Kavurma (N, Se)


 A middle eastern classic dip of creamy hummus, topped with pan-cooked chopped lamb, tossed in warm spices with pine kernel nuts. Perfect for scooping with fresh Turkish bread.

Calamari (G, F, Lu)


A reputable Mediterranean appetiser of marinated and deep-fried squid rings served with a balmy homemade tartar sauce. 

Lahmacun (G)


The talk of the town Turkish street food…
Thinly rolled fresh dough topped with ground lamb and Turkish spices, oven-cooked to a crispy finish. Eaten rolled or folded and stuffed with herbs and salad with a drop of lemon juice.
Simply delicious!

Soup of the Day


Please check with a staff member for daily special.

Falafel (V)


Deep-fried vegetable patties blended with chickpeas, cumin, bread crump, broad beans and authentic spices, served with creamy hummus.

  • Spicy

Halloumi (M, V)


A signature cheese delicacy from Cyprus! Chargrilled for extra tanginess and crowned with a fresh basil dressing.

Borek (V)


Spinach, feta cheese & parsley stuffed deep-fried crispy filo pastries, served with a zingy sweet chilli sauce. 

Mücver (G, E, M, V)


 An Ottoman tradition of deep-fried courgette, bread crump, egg, carrot and feta cheese patties served with a fresh garlic yoghurt sauce.

King Prawns (Ce, Cr, F)


Sautéed king prawns in oyster sauce, cooked with aromatic ginger& garlic, enriched with fresh tomatoes, spring onions and a touch of parsley.

Lamb Liver


Diced lamb liver coated with flour, pan fried with mixed spices; and served with red onion salad. 

Charcoal Grill Mains

Lamb Shish ✺


Marinated cubes of succulent lamb neck fillets chargrilled on wooden skewers, served with Turkish-style Baldo rice, and mixed salad.

Chicken Shish


Marinated and chargrilled soft and tender chunky cubes of chicken breast, served on wooden skewers with Turkish-style Baldo rice and mixed salad.

Anatolian Kofte


A signature chargrilled minced lamb patty worked thoroughly with authentic Turkish spices, red bell pepper and herbs and served with Turkish-style Baldo rice and mixed salad.

Mixed Grill ✺


Highlights of our chargrilled meat selections; lamb shish, chicken shish, chicken wings and lamb kofte, served with Turkish-style Baldo rice and mixed salad.

Beyti (G, M) ✺


A Chargrilled minced lamb patty kneaded with flavoursome spices, wrapped in a thin flatbread, and baked in the oven with a homemade tomato base. Served with a strained yoghurt dip, Turkish Baldo rice, and mixed salad.

Lamb Chops ✺


Cutlets of succulent lamb marinated in sweet-pepper oil and oregano, chargrilled medium well to perfection. Served over a flatbread, with rosemary and garlic sautéed baby potatoes
and mixed salad.



Marinated and seasoned chargrilled spicy chicken wings served with Turkish Baldo rice and mixed salad

Chef Special

Anatolian Lamb Shank (Ce) ✺


Slow-cooked shank of lamb in a rich homemade vegetable stock, roasted with dates, tomato sauce, carrots and white onions, served with sautéed potatoes and Turkish-style Baldo rice.

Istanbul Beğendi (G, M) ✺


A few hundred years old Royalty recipe! Roasted aubergine bechamel sauce, topped with your choice of succulent lamb, chicken or kofte, and served with Turkish-style Baldo rice
with chickpeas.

Harem (G, M) ✺


Turkish flatbread topped with strained yoghurt and homemade tomato sauce, crowned with chicken shish, lamb kofte or lamb shish of your choice and finished with sizzling hot butter. Served with a side of Turkish-style Baldo rice.

Sultan’s Delight (M) ✺


Shoestring potato fries topped with yogurt sauce and choice of chicken shish, lamb kofte or lamb shish, served over a bed of homemade shoestring potato fries, finished with our signature tomato sauce and traditional sizzling hot butter. Accompanied by Turkish-style Baldo rice.

Guvech (Ce)


A hearty classic Anatolian stew, slow-cooked in our homemade tomato sauce with seasonal mixed vegetables and marinated fine cuts of Chicken or Lamb of your choice. Served with a side of Turkish-style Baldo rice.

Meat Moussaka (G, M)


The staple recipe of the Balkans!
Layers of fried and thinly sliced aubergines, potatoes and courgettes, seasoned tomatobased minced lamb, topped with bechamel sauce and Turkish kasar cheese, and ovenbaked to perfection. Served with a side Baldo rice and mixed salad.

Kuru Fasulye




One of the most popular and old traditional Turkish dishes. Butter beans stewed with onion, tomato sauce, carrot and mixed herbs. Served with Turkish Baldo rice. 

  • Add lamb for £3.50

Ali Nazik ✺


A Turkish classic that marries a tender lamb stew with a smoked aubergine puree and garlicky yoghurt mixture, drizzled with spiced melted butter.

Salad Mains

The Lean Kitchen


A Choice of grilled marinated chicken or pan-seared salmon fillet topped over seasonal mixed leaves and loaded with cucumber, sliced avocadoes, quinoa, tomatoes, red onion, and red cabbage with a Mediterranean salad dressing.

The Mediterranean Kitchen (G, M, Se, V)


Grilled tangy halloumi, falafel pieces, feta cheese and mixed olives, served over mixed leaves, cucumber, avocado, tomatoes, and red cabbage.

Vegetarian Specials

Vegetable Moussaka (G, M, V)


Oven-baked layers of baby spinach, thinly sliced aubergines, potatoes, courgettes, and soaked quinoa, topped with homemade tomato sauce, béchamel and Turkish kasar
cheese, served with Baldo rice and mixed salad.

Imam Bayildi (Vegan Optional, N, V)


A delicious meet-up of whole-fried aubergine and extra virgin olive oil from the palace kitchens of the Ottomans. Tummy of aubergine stuffed with onions, peppers, pine nuts, currants, and tomatoes, slow-cooked in a rich homemade tomato sauce and served with Baldo rice and mixed salad.

  • Vegan Optional

Roasted Butternut Squash (V) (Vegan)


Roasted butternut squash scrubbed in authentic Turkish spices, topped with sautéed mixed vegetables and soaked quinoa, and served with a side of Turkish mixed salad.

  • Vegan

Spicy Mucver & Falafel (G, M, E, V)


A mix of deep-fried and spiced falafels and courgette patties served with a creamy hummus dip, strained Turkish yoghurt and mixed salad.

Patlican Kizartma (V, G, M)


Thinly sliced and fried aubergine, courgette, and sweet green peppers served with a Turkish strained tangy yoghurt dip with a hint of garlic and special homemade tomato sauce drizzle.

Borek (V)





Spinach, feta cheese & parsley stuffed deep-fried crispy filo pastries, served with a zingy sweet chilli sauce, served with salad. 

Seafood Special

Grilled Salmon (F) ✺


A fillet of marinated grilled salmon, lightly seasoned with black pepper, served with sautéed baby potatoes in rosemary and garlic, served with a traditional Turkish shepherd’s salad.

Sea Bass (F) ✺


Pan-seared seasoned sea bass fillet served with sautéed baby potatoes in rosemary, garlic and olive oil. Served with mixed salad.

Calamari (G, Lu) ✺


Marinated and deep-fried squid rings served with fries and tomato mixed salad accompanied by our homemade tartar sauce

King Prawns & Mussels (Ce, Cr, Mo) ✺


Sautéed king prawns and half-shell green mussels tossed in oyster and tomato sauce, with mixed vegetables, ginger and garlic, served with Turkish Baldo rice.

To Share

Hot Meze Platter


A selection of halloumi, borek, falafel, mucver, spicy chicken wings, and sucuk.

Cold Mezze Platter


A selection of hummus, cacık, shakshuka, baba ghanoush, sarma, and potato salad.

Istanbul Combination (Min.2 people)


Combination of 4 cold and 4 hot starters: Hummus, cacık, shakshuka, baba ghanoush,
borek, mitite kofte, hellim, falafel and mucver.

  • (Each additional person £19.95)

The Istanbul Kitchen Party (Min.2 people)


A selection of 4 hot and 4 cold vegetarian starters, any main dish from the menu,
dessert or hot drink of your choice.

  • (Each additional person £32.50)

Grill to Share(Min. 2 people)


Get the tower of grilled chicken shish, lamb shish, kofte, lamb chops, chicken wings and sucuk on the plate to share. Served with rice and mixed salad.

  • (Each additional person £28.95)

Party Set Menu (Min.2 people) ✺


A selection of 3 hot and 3 cold vegetarian starters, any selected main dish from the menu (except with ✺) 

  • (Each additional person £27.95)


Rice (V)


Skin on Fries (V)


Potato Wedges (V)


Sweet Potato Fries (V)


Feta Cheese Salad (V)


Sautéed Spinach (V)


Turkish Shepherd’s Salad (V)


Strained Turkish Yogurt (V)


Chili Sauce (V)


Turkish Bread (V)


Sautéed Baby Potato (V)


Extra Skewer of Chicken


Extra Skewer of Kofte


Extra Skewer of Lamb


Extra lamb chop


Turkish Bread


Kids Menu

Lamb Shish


served with rice or fries

Chicken Shish


served with rice or fries

Chicken Nuggets (G)


served with rice or fries

Fish Fingers


served with rice or fries

Margarita Pizza (G, M)

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